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Alright I got the post title from the title of the post that WordPress.com posted for me (which I deleted). It sounds cute enough, I guess. I don't know why I didn't start this project earlier. Gerald has been asking me why I have yet to publish any of my poetry openly. The most that... Continue Reading →

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A Double Haiku for Icarus

A Double Haiku for Icarus It’s those who fly too Close to the sun who have the Greatest way to fall. It’s those who want too Much for giving too much who End up hurt the most.

A Prayer for Peace

A Prayer for Peace May you someday find your equilibrium where the equation of what you give and what you receive finally balances out, and where you are a factor, not a mere constant.


Hearts For the Germans – Janu, Julius, and Laura "What's your Chinese name," Julius asks after I tell him that I'm Chinese-Singaporean (and, no, we're not all Chinese in Singapore). I curl my tongue backwards and switch on my mother tongue. I reply, "Xin Hui," careful to get the accent right, wishing I had my... Continue Reading →


First poem I've written in a very long while. Too many things have happened since the last time I wrote, and somedays I think I've swallowed and regurgitated the narrative of working life so hard that I've lost my own inner voice. Well, after reading this poem, you can be the judge. A little background... Continue Reading →

Seasons of Change

SEASONS OF CHANGE The single red maple leaf fell Ever so gently from the yellowing sky -- Gentle it may have been, kind it was not. In denial, we buried our faces In the last moments of spring -- Bright roses on borrowed time, Achingly cheerful in the bleak autumn air. We were unwilling to... Continue Reading →

September Sunset

SEPTEMBER SUNSET For you, my mentor; my friend An empty table; A head full of memories. A photograph; A shadow of former glory. A hole in the chest; A bursting heart. A limb amputated; The wind under outstretched wings. A helpless little girl, And the elder brother, her confidant. A handshake, A legacy, A promise,... Continue Reading →

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