If you find my body, weep not for me.

If you find my body, weep not for me If you find my body, weep not for me. Know that I am not in pain; I am at peace Having chosen my end, I welcomed death As a friend not a foe and, arm in arm, We left this world behind, and sorrow I am... Continue Reading →



Hearts For the Germans – Janu, Julius, and Laura "What's your Chinese name," Julius asks after I tell him that I'm Chinese-Singaporean (and, no, we're not all Chinese in Singapore). I curl my tongue backwards and switch on my mother tongue. I reply, "Xin Hui," careful to get the accent right, wishing I had my... Continue Reading →


First poem I've written in a very long while. Too many things have happened since the last time I wrote, and somedays I think I've swallowed and regurgitated the narrative of working life so hard that I've lost my own inner voice. Well, after reading this poem, you can be the judge. A little background... Continue Reading →

Seasons of Change

SEASONS OF CHANGE The single red maple leaf fell Ever so gently from the yellowing sky -- Gentle it may have been, kind it was not. In denial, we buried our faces In the last moments of spring -- Bright roses on borrowed time, Achingly cheerful in the bleak autumn air. We were unwilling to... Continue Reading →

September Sunset

SEPTEMBER SUNSET For you, my mentor; my friend An empty table; A head full of memories. A photograph; A shadow of former glory. A hole in the chest; A bursting heart. A limb amputated; The wind under outstretched wings. A helpless little girl, And the elder brother, her confidant. A handshake, A legacy, A promise,... Continue Reading →

Slaying the Monster

Written especially for my students who will be taking their mid-year-exams this Friday onwards. All the best! 🙂 SLAYING THE MONSTER Here it is: You've waited for it for so long; Trained hard, day in and out, Practiced your skills and sharpened Your sword In anticipation of victory. You stand before it, Like David before... Continue Reading →

Sailing Away

SAILING AWAY For you, my boat. You found me when I was at my lowest: When, after the storm, I washed up On the shore, bent and broken, A piece of tear-soaked flotsam, You lit a fire and sat me down beside it To dry my tears and warm my soul And I was consumed... Continue Reading →

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