The Eczema Diaries: Constellations

Fingernails tracing constellations on my skin leaving trails of red. ----------------------------- Must stop scratching at night and staining my bedsheets.


The Eczema Diaries: Four Years On and still Going Strong

What does it feel like to have normal, itch-free skin? I cannot recall. Eh... I honestly cannot remember what it feels like to not have to scratch every few minutes or so. It's become such a great part of my life these past four years that I just cannot imagine what life would be like... Continue Reading →

The Eczema Diaries: One Year Later

Here we are again One year on; my skin's attempt At self-destruction. ---------------------------------------------------- It's been one year since my flare-up and, after a gradual healing, we're back to where we started again. I suppose it's just the manifestation of all the stress of term 3.

The Eczema Diaries: Ingrate

I took for granted Healthy skin when I had it -- Too late for regrets. ----------------------------- I used to look at my brother's eczema-ridden legs and feet, and wondered what it must feel like to have skin so itchy that one continues to scratch even though the skin has split and is weeping a constant... Continue Reading →

The Eczema Diaries: Diseased

My skin is covered With many little red bumps. I feel so diseased. ------------------------ It got worse after the exceptionally hot and humid weekend. This is the worst it's ever been and I look like I've caught the pox or something. More importantly (because it won't stop demanding my attention) ... GOD HELP ME I... Continue Reading →

The Eczema Diaries: To my Asian Self

To my Asian Self: Your eyes are quite enormous When they're not swollen. ------------------------------------ That was the first thought that crossed my mind when I compared my normal left eye (with its beautiful double-eyelid fold) with the monstrous swollen and scabby right eye (I've lost the fold overnight again). Sigh. To think that I used... Continue Reading →

The Eczema Diaries: Abnormal Swelling

I can hardly see -- Through swollen, abnormal skin -- This strange, normal world. ______________________________________ My eyelid is strangely painful and swollen today, and monstrously so. (It actually hurts so much that it's not itching anymore.)

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