The Eczema Diaries: Miracle Cream

One miracle cream Was all it took. Pity it Took so long to find. -------------------------- Colleague saw my angry red and pustule-covered arms and neck and took pity on me. She passed me a cream that she had used when she too suffered from eczema on her legs, claiming that it's her miracle cream. I... Continue Reading →


The Eczema Diaries: The Irony of Humidity

"Dry skin," said the doc. With increased perspiration Comes more itchy rash. _______________________________ The humidity is so bad that one can drown in it. My "dry skin" is constantly covered with a thin film of sweat, and more rashes are appearing by the hour. Is this my body's way of telling me that it misses... Continue Reading →

The Eczema Diaries: Working Overtime

Eye won't stop itching; That's the sign to stop marking And just go to bed. ------------------------------ My students' atrocious compositions in bad handwriting is the last thing that I want to pore over when my eyes are watering, and when all that I want to do is to scratch my eyelid until it bleeds just... Continue Reading →


PRACTICUM I Am So sick Of writing Lesson plan after Lesson plans, so I am taking A short break by writing this Fibonacci poem. ----------------------------------------- Chanced upon the Fib (Fibonacci poem) last night while I was researching for lesson ideas to teach personification. I was so intrigued by the mathematical discipline of it -- there's... Continue Reading →

OVERNIGHT RAIN For a dear friend. There's something about the rain That falls gently upon the dark earth, Beating softly as it falls on grass And tarmac -- softly, but surely, Like the tender caress of the cold Night wind that whispers in my ear The cry of my heart. Here is solitude, but I... Continue Reading →

Random musing

Hur hur hur. Whoever thought that my poetry blog would be my guilty indulgence when I should be studying for my Language and Gender paper which happens later at 5. *insert me gusta meme* That said, I'm terribly glad that this final exam of my penultimate semester as an undergraduate is going to be over... Continue Reading →

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