The Eczema Diaries: Diseased

My skin is covered With many little red bumps. I feel so diseased. ------------------------ It got worse after the exceptionally hot and humid weekend. This is the worst it's ever been and I look like I've caught the pox or something. More importantly (because it won't stop demanding my attention) ... GOD HELP ME I... Continue Reading →


The Eczema Diaries: Working Overtime

Eye won't stop itching; That's the sign to stop marking And just go to bed. ------------------------------ My students' atrocious compositions in bad handwriting is the last thing that I want to pore over when my eyes are watering, and when all that I want to do is to scratch my eyelid until it bleeds just... Continue Reading →

The Eczema Diaries: To my Asian Self

To my Asian Self: Your eyes are quite enormous When they're not swollen. ------------------------------------ That was the first thought that crossed my mind when I compared my normal left eye (with its beautiful double-eyelid fold) with the monstrous swollen and scabby right eye (I've lost the fold overnight again). Sigh. To think that I used... Continue Reading →

The Eczema Diaries: Abnormal Swelling

I can hardly see -- Through swollen, abnormal skin -- This strange, normal world. ______________________________________ My eyelid is strangely painful and swollen today, and monstrously so. (It actually hurts so much that it's not itching anymore.)

The Eczema Diaries: Snowflakes

Silently they fall -- Little snowflakes to the floor; The death of my skin. ------------------------------------------------------------ Oh woe! My skin condition has gotten worse in the past few weeks, and poetry is the best way to help me cope with it (and prevent me from scratching). Stay tuned to find out if it gets better or... Continue Reading →

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